23 November 2016 – Thankful

It is cold outside, not bone chilling but cold. I have released the hounds for their morning fun chasing birds they cannot reach and squirrels that I could easily pick off with a slingshot or the .22 but I don’t need any meat at the moment. Maybe soon.

I sit with coffee in hand in silence. There is no ping, no beep, no cars, no planes, nothing except what God wants me to hear.

As I take another sip, I start to hear the chirping of the brilliantly colored, male cardinal. Not far away is the equally beautiful female. She sings a great song to me.

When I sit like this nature comes alive. Squirrels seem to forget I am there. They alarm only when they meet me eye to eye or when one of the dogs start to move. It’s as if I have become part of the landscape.

A cold wind starts blowing and I cling tighter to my warm cup as I take another sip. I wonder if it is worth disturbing everything to go grab my coat or better still, my wool blanket to sit for longer. I have been outside for about 30 minutes and know there are chores to do but I still debate. I decide to stay for a little longer and let the wind blow on my bare legs and arms and pray the shorts and t-shirt will keep me from getting too cold.

The hounds spook another squirrel and run over for reassuring pats on the head telling them they have done a good job. I am brought back to the tasks that need to be done as I gaze around the property once more at the breeze blowing more of the orange and red leaves off the trees. It won’t be long before winter is officially here and the rest of nature will follow their instructions.

As I get up from the stump I am sitting on, I hear four geese coming. They honk in unison and fly directly over my head in the familiar V pattern with one trailing. The study of the aerodynamics of this and why there is a trailing goose still fascinates me.

I look up in the sky towards the heavens, give a small smile and thank the Lord for what I have seen and all that He has provided for me. As I turn to leave the beauty of the day, the dogs realize the signal and come as they are trained to do. We enter the porch without having to knock off any mud or shake out any clothes.

Although a short period of time was spent outside this morning, it was an eternity that will never be missed nor desired to reclaim. The beauty alone of the outdoors is why I did what I did to earn this and why I do what I do now.

Thank you Father for your beauty and all that you have given to us.