01 February 2016 – The Backyard Outing

I sit in a hotel room pondering yesterday’s activities. It is cool and definitely rainy today. The sky is overcast at home as well.

Yesterday brought a different thought pattern when it came to the weather and I didn’t face any sort of cabin fever or melancholy. Instead I went outside to initially change the tarp configuration from a tetrahedra style to what is considered an envelope.

The original Forrester’s tent was good considering the tarp I am using is a rectangle and the Forrester as well as many others is really designed to be setup using a square. The tetrahedra style that I was using was a mix between it and a pyramid or normal tent style. It was something I picked up from David Canterbury’s video and it worked great.

However, in always learning and always improving, I wanted to try something different. Maybe I should have just gone with a simple Lean-to configuration since I had another tarp for a floor. The Georgia clay keeps the ground very cold and I like having something between my body and the clay other than the grass. Even with the envelope style which provided a floor and an additional tarp, there was still not enough ground warmth regardless of the temperature reaching 65 degrees and the sun shining.

I think it was great that I had the foresight to bring the fixins to make coffee. I finished the quick shelter and checked to make sure that it was minimally, if at all, visible from the fence or road. Thankfully the tarp is woodland camouflage and because the background was thick brush, it is very difficult to see even when you know it is there. Thank goodness for evergreens.

A quick, yet small fire was made in order to heat the water. It did not need boiling since I did bring it from inside the house, but it needed to be hot so I could make a proper pour over coffee.

Pour over coffee, I delightfully found out, is a very strong coffee in which water is literally poured over the ground beans and the whole concoction is run through a filter. While this provides a strong coffee, it also provides a great natural flavor from the coffee beans themselves. It is becoming my favorite very fast. The only issue I have with it is the time it takes to actually make this great cup of coffee. It is much easier to just put a pod in the machine, put the cup under it, and push the freaking button. Some mornings I am lucky to be able to do just that.

After enjoying the coffee, putting up the video cameras and petting the dogs, it was time to wrap it all up. I packed all gear in my Pathfinder Haversack and walked the twenty-five yards to the house.

While this was a short outing and just in the backyard, I was able to get some dirt time and practice my skills. It is not just about having the knowledge in my brain but if I don’t try and hone them and perfect them, the brain knowledge does no good.

I can read how to fix a sports car and think I am the greatest mechanic ever. Unless I put the knowledge into practice, I will never be a mechanic, much less a great one.