25 January 2016

After many months I apparently now have a burr in my saddle to start writing a book again. I pondered this many times and have written several pages but never completed the work. As the files were found and compiled, it amazed me how the story leaps off the pages and beckons me to continue filling in the blanks.

Oh it is a web of a tale which gives a new meaning to “spinning a yarn”. While it is obvious the adventures have left my brain, it is not so clear as to whether they will escape to the general population or remain dormant, tucked away in an electronic folder, and never to be read by another human.

This thought causes me to chuckle after thinking of how many crime and mystery shows I have seen where the cases take a step forward after someone hacked into their laptop and found a mysterious file. While this would not win any awards for cracking a mystery, it might give some people food for thought.

The prelude is complete and maybe I will release it to general public to see the response and determine whether I should complete the work or not. For that matter, I wrote a short story but feel that since it is a complete opposite of my novel, it might be best to keep that one in the vest pocket so to speak.

While I do not claim to be a Stephen King or even an Ernest Hemingway, maybe I could sell enough books to buy me and the family one of those fancy coffees from the local Starbucks. I would only have to sell ten books at $2.99 each on Kindle to make that happen. Maybe I should start at $4.99 then drop the price when they do not do so well.

Dang it! Now I have gone and shared a little too much. If folks read this, they might get that idea and wait on purpose.

“If you can’t write well, make sure you have something worth writing”.

I saw something similar to this earlier today and maybe that is what needs to happen. The story weaves in facts and dreams about my life and the lives of my family and so it becomes hard to determine what is my life versus the life of the main character. I suppose that Wes would have to share his side of the story to tell you whether he is pulling from my life or his own adventures. The fact that he is ex-CIA should have some bearing as that is not part of my life but instead, completely fiction. Or is it?

I am not sure some times because the voices in my head help me keep my life straight most of the time, while other times are not as clear. Whether my past included a three letter government entity or whether it did not, I guess, is not as important as I think it may be.

Questions regarding whether I was a government spook cause me to wonder if I could get some discount at the coffee shop if it were true.


Until then,