07 January 2016

07 January 2016

I feel in my beard the itch that calls me to go outdoors. I struggle with the reality that I have to actually work for a living, at least for the moment. In reality, I cannot wait until it is that time where the call of nature wins out and I obey, leaving the worldly things behind and moving out onto a large parcel of land in the mountainous country.

As I sit here imagining what those days will be like, my mouth turns slightly upward much like the moon that hangs in the dark night sky. The picturesque valley houses many trees and a thick fog comes from the lake. As I look to the west, I see the shadow escaping the last grasp of darkness. The lowly fog grasps for its hind quarters as the tines from its massive antlers reveal their fullness to me. I smile knowing that it is not quite hunting season but I will surely meet this foe in due time. For now, I tip my hat in respect and get ready to slowly walk towards the dimly lit forest after gulping the last bit of morning coffee knowing that tomorrow will surely be thick and oily campfire coffee.

I slide into my Duluth Pack and check the weight. It is sufficient and the contents will last me for at least a week. After kissing my wife and petting the smaller dogs, I start moving closer to my overnight destination. She hollers through the screen door wanting to know when I will return. As I turn and smile at her while shrugging my laden shoulders, she knows it means if she does not see me in a week’s time, to send a rescue party.

This isn’t my first time out, nor will it be my last. I always return within the week, usually bringing some gift of juicy or dried meat or some necessary tool I carved out of wood out of necessity. There are no telling how many spoons, forks or kuksas I have made and eventually given away as gifts. I hone my skills each time I go out as I am never to old to learn.

The barking of the large dogs that came with me in my daydream, snap me back to reality as the sound was coming from the ones in this time. Each nuzzling me to get out of the comfortable, writing chair and pick up the green, slobber saturated crocodile to play with them. I grin knowing where I just was and again, long for the time when the dream is a true reality.

As for now, I make sure my clothes are ready, look over tomorrow’s shortened schedule, review and adjust my master task list, and get ready to slip under the cool covers so I can read before turning the light off falling into a deepened sleep as the darkness surrounds me.



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